Asphalt Green’s Recess Enhancement Program (REP) has mastered how to have fun while being safe on the playground. Whether playing indoor or outdoor games, our coaches have rounded up their best tips to keep recess running smoothly.

When explaining a game, show instead of tell. One of the most important parts of leading a successful recess game is effectively explaining how to play. Demonstrate the rules of a game to avoid confusion. Show instead of tell. For example, if you are leading REP game of the month Pin Down, the only way to knock over a pin is by throwing a ball. The leader should demonstrate the way students should release the ball. You can even demonstrate the wrong way to play by knocking a pin down with your hand (just make sure the group understands this what you are NOT supposed to do). By displaying the behaviors you do and don’t want to see, you eliminate ambiguity.


Prevent bullying by being a good role model. Bullying is a major concern in schools, particularly during recess. If you see bullying, say something. If a child is at risk, notify a school principal, guidance counselor, or teacher immediately. The best advice to deal with bullying is to be a good role model. Research shows adult role models and a positive school environment can reduce bullying over time.


Check for understanding. Remembering the rules to games can be challenging for kids. As you explain the rules, be sure to check for understanding. For example, if you are playing a tag game that requires students to tag with two fingers, ask the group, “How many fingers do we tag with?” This question both reinforces the rule and gives you confidence that the students understand what is expected of them. Avoid asking yes or no questions and be specific. When you check for the understanding, the game is more likely to run smoothly.