Recess Enhancement Program

Recess Enhancement Program (REP)

Asphalt Green's Recess Enhancement Program (REP) transforms the culture of recess by making it an active and cooperative time for both students and staff. Begun in 2001, REP is now in 60 public elementary schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx and reaches close to 27,500 students.

REP targets neighborhoods with high sedentary levels, as well as schools where a majority of students qualify for free or reduced price meals. REP addresses a range of barriers that prevent physical activity in schools by redefining recess and making physical activity an educational tool for schools and students. It is becoming clear that if we want our children to succeed in the classroom, then we need to start getting them more active on the playground.

REP offers training and professional development to outside schools and organizations who would like to incorporate appropriate play at recess. To learn more about available training, receive more details on REP, or sign up for our monthly REP newsletter, please email

Click here to make a donation to support REP and get children more active during the school day.

Positive Effects of REP in Schools

P.S. 103

Watch News 12's "Best of the Bronx" feature on Asphalt Green's REP program in Bronx elementary schools, including PS 103. The story highlights REP's success in confronting childhood obesity, increasing physical activity, and reducing aggressive behavior in the classroom and beyond by promoting cooperative play, teamwork, the joy of fitness, and conflict resolution skills.

P.S. 63

At P.S. 63, the school featured in this ABC Channel 7 News story, Asphalt Green's REP program has helped improve classroom behavior and the quality of homework. The program has also reduced bullying by 60 percent.

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