Stop the Dump

Asphalt Green is one of the community's most valuable resources, but the health of the facility and more importantly, the health and safety of the children and adults who use it, are threatened by the City's plans to build a massive 2-acre, 10-story garbage dump in the heart of our facility.

Faced with the difficult eventuality that the City is determined to place a marine transfer station at 91st, Asphalt Green has been forced to consider reasonable compromises that we once never thought possible. We have developed a Vision Study to compensate for the most dangerous elements of the plan. It has three core components:

  1. Move the Ramp. The Vision Study identifies viable, alternative locations for where the ramp can be situated for this industrial facility. Each alternative would divert traffic, fumes and operating risk away from East 91st Street where it presents the greatest danger.
  2. Require the Best Available Environmental Technology. The trucks, tugs taking the garbage away in the East River and facility operations should employ the best available clean technology. While the City has indicated some of this is already scheduled, the commitment is not legally binding, nor is it complete.
  3. Create Green Space. Our Vision Study creates a green space over the Marine Transfer Station for exercise, play and relaxation, an important need in an area extremely short of park and open space.

Read the full report here.


Please urge the Mayor and Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia to seriously study these alternatives. Their contact information is:

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Phone: (212) 788-3000

Hon. Kathryn Garcia, Commissioner
New York City Department of Sanitation
Phone: (646) 885-4974

Anthony Shorris, First Deputy Mayor
Office of the Mayor
Phone: (212) 788-3191

Hon. Dr. Feniosky Peña-Mora, Commissioner
New York City Department of Design and Construction ("DDC")
Phone: (718) 391-1000

Martin Rebholz, R.A., Borough Commissioner
New York City Department of Buildings
Manhattan Borough Office
Phone: (212) 393-2615

Marco A. Carrion, Commissioner
Office of the Mayor
Phone: (212) 788-7418

Television Ad Campaign

Pledge2Protect and Asphalt Green launched our first television ad aimed at educating New Yorkers about the dangers of the 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan. The ad features Asphalt Green summer camp scholarship recipient and past swim school participant Nissi Kyomukama Flynn. Watch Nissi shows viewers how dangerously close garbage trucks will drive next to children going into and out of Asphalt Green. Read the full press release here.

Learn the Facts

Pledge 2 Protect released a landmark report, "Talking Trash: A Modern Approach that Protects Communities, Increases Recycling and Reduces Costs," assessing the attainability of New York City's Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) goals and highlighting its negative citywide environmental, health and cost effects. The groundbreaking report cites many sources and newly acquired data from several studies conducted by Gladstein, Neandross and Associates and presents the new administration with environmentally sustainable policy alternatives to the SWMP. The report shows that the current system is antiquated, relying largely on waste transport and calls for the city to refocus the SWMP on reducing, recycling and reusing waste.

Pledge 2 Protect

Asphalt Green is proud member of Pledge 2 Protect* (P2P), a diverse coalition of residents, organizations, and businesses dedicated to stopping the construction of the proposed East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station. Please join us in our fight. Visit Pledge 2 Protect* to learn more about this issue and ways you can help!
*By clicking this link, you will leave Asphalt Green's website and be directed to a site operated by Pledge 2 Protect, and independent 501(c)4 organization.

Asphalt Green is a non-partisan organization and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

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