Kids Sports Camps

Sports camps at Asphalt Green are designed to meet the needs of individual athletes, whether it is basic instruction or advanced coaching to enhance competitive strengths. We offer a variety of sports camps—soccer, flag football, basketball, and baseball—throughout the year that are designed with busy families in mind. We understand that parents often need to work and would like their children to have a safe, fun, enriching place to spend their days out of school, while also refining their sports skills.

Our comprehensive approach to sports training focuses on skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, body conditioning, and most importantly, fun! Our experienced coaches help campers grow mentally and physically by integrating speed, agility, and sports reactions into drills, game strategies, and game play.

All participants are grouped according to age or grade and skill level. Safety and supervision are a priority. Our low counselor-to-camper ratios are as follows:

Ages & Staff Ratios
4-5 Years: 1:6
6-8 Years: 1:7
9 Years & Up: 1:10

AG Soccer Camp
AG Flag Football Camp
AG Baseball Camp
AG Basketball Camp

For more info on sports camps, please contact the Camp Office at 212.298.7900 or here.

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