Triathlon is a unique sport that demands proficiency in three different disciplines—swimming, cycling and running. Whether you are a first-timer or a Kona qualifier, Asphalt Green offers a diverse range of triathlon programs to help you reach your race goals!

You can join our respected Triathlon Club and get access to weekly coached workouts, workshops and a community to train with. You can sign up for a triathlon clinic to target a specific area you need to work on like cycling or swim stroke. Depending on your needs, we also offer individual and group coaching, as well as private lessons.

Learn more about our triathlon offerings below.

Asphalt Green Triathlon Club

The Asphalt Green Triathlon Club is the tri-state area's largest triathlon club with more than 300 members.

Triathlon Group Coaching

Get race ready with Asphalt Green’s triathlon group coaching! Our group coaching programs run between 10 to 24 weeks depending on the...

Triathlon Individual Coaching

Set yourself up for success in your next triathlon season! With Asphalt Green’s triathlon individual coaching, our coaches will work...

High Performance Testing and Fitting

Performance testing and professional bike fittings can help you take your fitness to the next level. Asphalt Green offers a variety of...

Triathlon Clinics

We offer various triathlon clinics where you can work on a specific skill like swim stroke, cycling or running form.

Marathon Program

Get ready for fall marathon season with AGTC!

  • Fall Marathon Program

Asphalt Green Triathlon Club Gala

The Asphalt Green Triathlon Club holds an Annual Gala to celebrate our members’ accomplishments during the previous season.

  • Gala Tickets

Private Triathlon Training and Testing

Private Triathlon Training and Testing

  • Triathlon Private Lessons
  • Triathlon Bike Fit
  • Lactate Threshold Testing

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