Updated August 18, 2021

Asphalt Green has worked with health and industry experts to create policies and protocols that comply with New York State, City, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations to promote a safe environment for all members and visitors.

Any person found to be violating COVID-19 safety measures or procedures risk having his or her visitation rights suspended or terminated.


  • All visitors agree to self-screen for symptoms and fever prior to arriving at Asphalt Green. Any person presenting COVID-19 symptoms, flu-like, or other respiratory symptoms should seek testing and remain home.

  • All visitors agree to self-report symptoms or positive COVID-19 tests to Asphalt Green by emailing notify@asphaltgreen.org. Any person having tested positive for COVID-19 should may not visit the facility for a minimum of 14 days and should seek medical clearance before returning.

  • Effective August 17, 2021, all Asphalt Green employees and customers are required to have at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The second dose must be complete by October 18, 2021. Members should complete this form to submit vaccination information. All other visitors must provide proof of vaccination upon arrival. Acceptable forms of proof include your vaccine card, a photo of your vaccine card, Excelsior, or Key to NYC Pass. 


  • Any person who begins to feel unwell while at Asphalt Green must notify a staff member and leave the premises immediately.

  • Check-in and entry processes to the facility are contactless through use of key cards and electronic sensor gates. Effective September 13, 2021, visitors 12+ must provide proof of vaccination upon arrival. Acceptable forms of proof include your vaccine card, a photo of your vaccine card, Excelsior, or Key to NYC Pass. Members will only be required to show proof once but should be able to provide proof of vaccination at all times on premises.

  • Visitors over age 2 must wear a face covering while in the facilities, except when swimming. Face coverings may not include bandanas, buffs, or gaiters per New York State mandate. Face coverings will not be provided, please arrive with your face covering on. As of June 1, 2021, Asphalt Green no longer requires those who are fully vaccinated to wear masks in the fitness center only. Masks will still be required in all other shared spaces, including locker rooms, lobbies, elevators, and stairways. Those who are not vaccinated will be required to wear face coverings at all times. Nose and mouth must be covered at all times. Fully vaccinated members must carry proof of vaccination (card, photo of card, or Excelsior Pass) at all times. 

  • All visitors must follow new floor markings and indicators to allow for social distancing. All stairwells are designated one-way except in case of emergency.

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others.

  • Loitering in any area is prohibited. Visitors will be permitted five minutes to exit the facility from the end time of their reservation.

  • Sharing equipment is prohibited. All visitors are required to wipe down equipment before and after use with provided cleaning supplies.

  • All visitors are expected to wash and/or sanitize hands frequently while on premises.


  • Visitors acknowledge that staff members are bound to enforce policies and will respond with respect and compliance.
  • Notify a staff member immediately if you observe a visitor violating policies. DO NOT attempt to intervene or handle the situation on your own.