If giving back were an Olympic sport, Asphalt Green’s Youth Leadership Committee would earn a gold medal. Comprised of athletes on our competitive swim and soccer teams, the committee organized a sports equipment drive in March to benefit kids in our free community programs.


After reaching out to local sporting goods shops, TYR, and getting Riverdale Country School involved, the teens collected over 250 items. Boxes filled with goggles, soccer balls, cleats, swim caps, shin guards, and more were ready to be put to use.


Tiffany Lara, co-head of the Youth Leadership Committee, says the supply drive was something they have always wanted to do, and in the second year the group has been in place, they had the time and resources to get the project off the ground.


“[Youth Leadership Committee] is based on volunteering and community building, and we thought a supply drive was a great way to give back,” she says. “That’s what we’re all about.”


Tiffany hopes by providing resources for kids to be active, they will be inspired to join a team and experience some of the benefits sports have provided her, including learning the value of teamwork, supporting others, and humility.


“Kids today spend a lot of time on the couch watching TV,” she says. “With the equipment, they will have the opportunity to go outside and play.”


Even donated items that could not be used in our programs found a home at Stanley Isaacs Community Center. 


“It was amazing seeing the smiles on kids’ faces when we brought the equipment to them,” Tiffany says. “It was very heartwarming.”


Though Tiffany will be heading to college this fall, she believes the supply drive has a bright future. The committee has plans to expand the project beyond Manhattan in the coming years.


“I learned people are willing to give back,” Tiffany says. “They are just looking for the opportunity to do so.”