Join Asphalt Green instructor Grace, for a no-equipment Balance & Stability class. This 30-minute routine is a fusion of Skills in Motion, Asphalt Green’s exclusive fall prevention program and Barre Basics, our intro level ballet-inspired class. In this level one routine, Grace provides modifications to up the intensity as you work your arms, legs, and core at home. 

Before you begin: 

  • Make sure your space is clear of clutter. 
  • Listen to Grace closely for safe cuing and try to follow her pace.  
  • If you need a break, stop, sit, and come back when you are ready. 
  • Do not overstrain; if anything does not feel good, either modify or march/step in place. 
  • Take water breaks as needed. 
  • Focus on your breath throughout the routine. 
  • Pay attention to posture – connect your mind to the movement. 
  • Have fun! 

SKILLS IN MOTION Skills in motion is a fun and social exercise program designed to improve functional balance in older adults. Roughly one-third of all adults ages 65 or older will experience a fall at some point in their lives.  The 16-week curriculum improves strength and coordination through a variety of exercises, recess-inspired games, and activities. Participants improve agility, active and static balance, proprioception, hand-eye coordination, quick-twitch muscle response, and core strength. Learn more.