We get it—your schedule is jam-packed. When you pencil in an hour for a workout, you want to make it count. That’s where our personal trainers come in. We’ve made recent changes to our personal training rates at our Upper East Side campus to make it easier to choose the right fitness professional for you.


Effective July 1, all personal training sessions with any of our trainers will be one rate. We are no longer using the tier system, which ranked our trainers based on experience, to determine pricing. All of our personal trainers have years of practice in the industry and have completed all necessary certifications to help your reach your fitness goals. 


The new rates are as follows:

One-Hour Sessions

1 session $105; $115
6 sessions $630; $690
10 sessions $980; $1080
20 sessions $1840; $2040
Buddy Training

1 session $75
6 sessions $432
10 sessions $660
20 sessions $1240


Keep yourself accountable, bust through plateaus, and let a professional create a workout plan that’s made just for you! Our personal trainers will help you set fitness goals, then blow past them.

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