We have a lot of upgrades coming soon to Asphalt Green! Our pools at both campuses are getting good cleanings and we’re beginning construction on our indoor new turf field at our Upper East Side campus!


Our indoor field guarantees more fun! Weather can’t bring us down. It’s game on in rain, snow, or shine.


Stay in the loop! Ever wonder what an empty pool looks like? We’ll show you! Photos showing our progress will be posted here and on our social media accounts.


Facebook: /asphaltgrn

Instagram: /asphaltgreen

Twitter: /asphaltgreen



We're open! Come and enjoy our freshly cleaned pools at both campuses! 



Our pool cleanings are underway! We're giving each tile a good scrubbing—in the pool, on the deck, and in the locker room. Here's what we're doing while the pool is empty to make it as good as new:  

  • Inspecting the pools' hydrostatic valves, which protect the pools' liner and allow the pool to drain properly
  • Cleaning and maintaining filters
  • Conducting UV unit maintenance, to better remove the smell of chlorine
  • Inspecting and maintaining the moveable floors
  • Painting

Upper East Side Pool


Battery Park City Pool 




Battery Park City Pool 


Upper East Side Pool 


Upper East Side Basketball Court (to be turned into turf field!)


All pools at both campuses are closed for maintenance from August 23 through September 8 at 5:30am. The basketball gymnasium will be closed Monday, August 24.