Our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) brings organized, active recess to 61 public schools in underserved areas in New York City.  This month, we’re giving a shoutout to one of our new schools, P.S. 234 in Queens. Hear from Principal Dora Danner, and find out how REP has made an impact.


Q: How long has your school been participating in the Recess Enhancement Program?

A: This is our first year participating.


Q: Why is this program important for the children at your school?

A: We love Asphalt Green because it has taught our students how to play in a more organized, fun way. Our students love Play Coach O’Rane, and they often talk about how he modeled throwing a football with correct technique.


Q: How did you originally hear about the program?

A: I worked with the program while I was an assistant principal at P.S. 17, a neighboring school.


Q: What is your favorite aspect of the Recess Enhancement Program?

A: Students are learning new things all the time.


Q: What changes have you seen in your school and/or the kids since implementing the program?

A: Our students have a toolbox of games and activities to use in and outside of school to keep them in great physical shape


Q: What is one of your fondest memories since participating in the program?

A: I enjoy seeing the smiles of children while they are playing.


Q: What do the kids think about the program?

A: They love it!


Q: What is a fun fact about P.S. 234?

A: We are a performing arts and technology school, and we take pride in all of our student programs.