Willie J. Boston II

Willie joined the Asphalt Green coaching staff in 2010. He has a black belt and experience coaching tricking, gymnastics, and personal training, which contribute to his style of teaching. Willie strives to help his students attain new skills while developing good morals and having fun.




Max Castro

Max joined the Asphalt Green coaching staff in 2013 and has been practicing the sport since 2009. He would describe his coaching philosophy at firm, fair, and fun and hopes kids take away that hard work pays off, and you can enjoy the process. Max’s favorite part of coaching is seeing the kids grow as athletes and people.




Vanessa Hernanadez

Vanessa joined the Asphalt Green coaching staff in 2017. Her philosophy is as long as students want to improve, she will help them reach their goals. She instills the importance of patience and hard work to achieve greatness. Vanessa’s favorite part about coaching is seeing her students grow and build confidence throughout the program.



Montee Tarpeh

Montee joined the Asphalt Green coaching staff in 2013. His coaching style has a unique perspective because growing up, he played both basketball and martial arts at high levels. He credits his success in both sports to one another and brings that knowledge to the mat. Montee’s goal is to help kids grow through the sport. He teaches discipline, goal setting, and how to be coachable while learning new skills and having fun.





Haylon Harroo

Haylon has been practicing martial arts since 2000 and has a black belt. He began teaching in 2004 and brings high energy to each class. Haylon believes personalization is the key to success. He coaches to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing to students to progress at their own pace. Haylon treats each student like a little brother or sister and creates a safe, judgment-free space to practice martial arts. When kids leave class, he wants them to feel patient motivated and confident. 




Casey Braxton

Casey joined the Asphalt Green coaching staff in 2016. He has been training jiu-jitsu since 2009 and received his brown belt in 2015. Casey was always an athlete, playing football in high school and college before practicing martial arts. He is trained in kickboxing, MMA, krav maga, and wrestling. Casey’s philosophy is the best self-defense is cardio training. The better shape you are in, the better you will be able to defend yourself. He hopes kids leave his class feeling courageous and believing in their abilities.