Martial Arts

Asphalt Green’s new Sport Martial Arts program incorporates a wide variety of martial arts disciplines—including a combination of Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu—in a more active, fast-paced environment.

The goal of the Sports Martial Arts program is to instill safe-conscious practice for each participant’s new martial arts skills, while also instilling valuable life lessons that they can use in  day-to-day situations. In addition, our experienced instructors work hard to empower each athlete both physically and mentally.

Clear goals and objectives are designed for each Sports Martial Arts class and are specific to each age group.

Key Program Modifications:

Basic Training
The Basic Training option is designed to deliver technique instruction and a high-impact workout. Offered on a daily basis, Basic Training is a 30-40 minute session, depending on age. Registration for this program includes a white uniform.

Elite Training (Daily)
Elite Training includes all benefits from the Basic Training program, but incorporates additional time for practice and implementation of acquired skills. Elite Training sessions are 65 minutes, and are offered to ages 7 and above. Participants in the Elite Training program are eligible for black-belt training. Registration for this program includes a black uniform.

Elite Training (Unlimited)
All benefits from the Elite Training program are included, with the addition of:

  • Unlimited sessions (6 days per week)
  • Accelerated progression through belt ranks

Buddy Day
Share your passion of martial arts with a friend or family member. Throughout the term, instructors will announce “Buddy Days” where registered participants are welcome to invite a friend or family member to experience all of the fun and excitement that our Sport Martial Arts program has to offer. *Restrictions may apply

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