FAQ: Asphalt Green’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols  

The health of our campers is our first priority. We have reimagined summer fun with social distancing measures in place. All of our safety measures have been approved by New York State Department of Health.  

Q: Do you have any pre-camp screening policies? 

A: We ask all campers and staff to self-monitor for symptoms and record their temperature for 14 days prior to the start of camp. We also ask campers and staff to refrain from travel, large gatherings, and any situations that might be considered high risk in the time leading up to the start of camp.  

Q: What protocols did you put into place last summer that you intend to keep for the 2021 season?  

A: We follow the most current City, State, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and American Camp Association guidelines. Our safety protocols include:  

  • Staggered arrival and dismissal 
  • Daily temperature checks and health screenings 
  • Face coverings required for staff at all times; campers wear masks when transitioning to and from activities 
  • Accessible hand sanitizer stations (Campers are greeted with hand sanitizer upon arrival, and hand washing and sanitizing is required at the beginning and end of each activity period.)  
  • Smaller group sizes 
  • Pre-packaged lunches 
  • Camp nurse on site at both our Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses  
  • More frequent cleaning with medical-grade disinfectant 
  • Upgraded air filtration system improves circulation 
  • Water fountains are replaced with bottle filling stations  

Q: Can I take a tour? 

A: We are only offering virtual tours this summer. We think you'll get a great idea of what a day in in the life of a camper is like.

Q: What is your mask policy?  

A: STAFF: Staff members are required to wear a face covering at all times during the day except while eating lunch and in the pool. In the pool, staff members wear a face shield instead of a mask. 

SUMMER DAY CAMP: Campers wear face coverings at arrival and dismissal and while transitioning from activities. Campers are permitted to remove their masks while participating in an outdoor activity with solely their group.  

MINI-CAMP: Campers wear face coverings at all times.  

Please note, we make adjustments as new information and guidelines become available.  

Q: What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19? 

A: If an individual tests positive, we will follow contact tracing protocols that we have in place for Asphalt Green. A group may be required to quarantine for a set period of time out of an abundance of caution. Credits will be offered to campers in any group affected by a mandatory quarantine.  

Q: What are the protocols if an individual begins to feel sick at camp?  

A: If an individual presents as sick in camp, he or she will be sent to the nurse’s isolation area and sent home immediately. He or she will not be permitted to return until they present a negative test if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Q: How much time is spent indoors versus outdoors?  

A: Campers are inside approximately 40% to 50% of the day and outside 50% to 60% of the day. If we are experiencing inclement weather, the schedule will be heavily indoors. This past year, we upgraded our CASPR air filtration system, which improves circulation indoors.  

Q: Will your staff be vaccinated? 

A: We will encourage our counselors to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible to do so. However, it is unlikely that all staff will be fully vaccinated by summer. That said, we will continue to implement all health and safety protocols that we put in place last summer and will make adjustments as necessary.  

Q: What is your travel policy? 

A: All domestic and foreign travelers who are not fully vaccinated are required to abstain from visiting Asphalt Green for 14 days from the time of arrival back in New York. Campers returning from Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Vermont are exempt. Alternatively, you may provide a negative COVID-19 test on day 4 of your return to New York and rejoin the program on day 5. 

Q: How is lunch distributed?  

A: All lunches are pre-packaged. All items – sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, yogurt, pasta – are individually wrapped and distributed to campers by staff. Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations are available at all times in the lunch areas.  

Q: How many kids are in a group?  

A: We are waiting for official New York State guidelines but expect to be working with limited capacity again this summer. Group sizes may be 12 to 15 campers with three counselors assigned to each unit (two counselors per Senior Camp group).  

Q: Do groups interact with each other?  

A: Groups follow individual schedules throughout the day. Groups do not interact with each other. The only exception is during swim – a group may interact with the same additional group each day.  

Q: Did you have any COVID-19 cases last summer?  

A: We did not! We are happy to share that we did not have any reported or confirmed COVID-19 cases during summer 2020, and we look forward to a healthy 2021 season. 

Still have questions? We can help! Call 212.298.7900 or email camps@asphaltgreen.org.