Asphalt Green’s Fit Kids Academy is designed to deliver physical activity and motor skill development in a fun, dynamic, and safe environment. Fit Kids Academy is an alternative to organized sports that builds confidence, teamwork, and perseverance. Activities led by expert instructors keep children moving for the duration of the class, meeting the daily youth guidelines for physical activity. Children will develop a passion for an active lifestyle while developing strong bodies and minds. 

Fit Kids Academy is offered in a private or group environment for children ages 3-12.

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  • Certified Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise
  • Youth Fitness Specialist – American Council on Exercise
  • Master of Science in Early Childhood and General Education – Hunter College



Experience: Sam joined the Asphalt Green staff in 2018. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, he worked as an early childhood teacher in New York City for six years. Sam’s specializes in youth fitness, blending his passion for education with personal training. His training philosophy is to make exercise dynamic, engaging, and fun. Sam’s favorite fitness tip is to keep moving.

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