Add variety to your fitness routine with group exercise classes! Free for Asphalt Green members, our group exercise classes are taught by certified group exercise instructors and cater to all interests—everything from high-energy boot camp and Zumba to mat yoga and Barre.

Enjoy the energy of exercising with a group while improving strength, cardio endurance, agility and flexibility. Our instructors will guide you through each exercise routine and provide modifications as needed to help you get the most out of every workout.

Don’t know which classes are right for you? Take our 360-degree fitness assessment—it’s free for members. At the end of the test, measuring cardiovascular health, strength, and range of motion, you’ll get an individualized fitness plan highlighting classes that are best for your fitness abilities and goals. Learn more.

We offer more than 80 group exercise classes each week. Classes take place in the Fitness Center in our Spin Studio or two exercise studios. Browse our group exercise classes below.

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Align & Define

Align & Define will focus on:

  • Pilates-inspired movements
  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Light cardio 

There are currently no Align & Define classes available.


Barre will focus on:

  • Ballet-inspired exercises
  • Lengthening the entire body
  • Improving balance and coordination

There are currently no Barre classes available.


BODYPUMP™ will focus on:

  • Working all major muscles groups
  • Light to moderate weights with lots of repetitions
  • Burning up to 590 calories per class 

There are currently no BODYPUMP™ classes available.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance will focus on:

  • Indian-inspired genre of dance
  • Choreography set to high-energy beats
  • Improving balance, coordination, and flexibility 

There are currently no Bollywood Dance classes available.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing will focus on:

  • Kickboxing drills
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Coordination

There are currently no Cardio Kickboxing classes available.

Chi Gung

Chi Gung improves:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Memory and well-being
  • Flexibility and stiffness

There are currently no Chi Gung classes available.


CXWORX™ will focus on:

  • Sculpting a tighter core in 30 minutes
  • Exercises using resistance tubes, weight plates, and body weight
  • Strengthening the abs, butt, and back 

There are currently no CXWORX™ classes available.

M.E.L.T. Method™

M.E.L.T. Method™ will focus on:

  • Rebalancing the body
  • Relieving body pain
  • M.E.L.T. Method™ techniques

There are currently no M.E.L.T. Method™ classes available.

Muscle Pump

Muscle Pump will focus on:

  • Building total-body strength
  • Light to moderate weight training with lots of repetitions
  • Working arms, legs, abs, back, and glutes 

There are currently no Muscle Pump classes available.


Nia® will focus on:

  • Expressive dance-like movements
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Improving flexibility and balance

There are currently no Nia® classes available.


Reggaecise will focus on:

  • Dance set to Caribbean tunes
  • High-energy, low-impact exercise
  • Cardiovascular endurance 

There are currently no Reggaecise classes available.


Salsa will focus on:

  • Learning Latin-inspired dance moves
  • Technique, footwork, turns
  • Performing choreography with a partner

There are currently no Salsa classes available.


Spin will focus on:

  • Cycling drills
  • Interval training
  • Learning cycling terminology 

There are currently no Spin classes available.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi will focus on:  

  • Ancient Chinese calisthenics
  • Tai chi postures
  • Balance

There are currently no Tai Chi classes available.

Total Body

Total Body will include:

  • Dumbbell exercises
  • Core exercises
  • Upper and lower body circuits

There are currently no Total Body classes available.


TriStrength will focus on:

  • Conditioning muscles used in a triathlon
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Core strength

There are currently no TriStrength classes available.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes will focus on:

  • Sequences targeting muscles used repetitively in your sport
  • Boosting athletic performance and reducing risk of injury 
  • Building core strength, flexibility, and balance 

There are currently no Yoga for Athletes classes available.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga will focus on:

  • Increasing balance and flexibility
  • Relaxing the body and mind
  • Learning Sanskrit names for postures

There are currently no Vinyasa Yoga classes available.


Zumba® will focus on:

  • Learning multi-step dance moves
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Coordination and stamina

There are currently no Zumba® classes available.

AG Active Barre Fusion

AG Active Barre Fusion will focus on:

  • Using light weights with high repetitions
  • Improving flexibility
  • Strengthening the core, hips, arms, and muscles surrounding the knees

There are currently no AG Active Barre Fusion classes available.

AG Active Core Fusion

AG Active Core Fusion will focus on:

  • Combination of cardio and core-strengthening exercises
  • Bodyweight exercises to stabilize spinal muscles
  • Improving balance 

There are currently no AG Active Core Fusion classes available.

AG Active Intro to Pilates

AG Active Intro to Pilates will focus on:

  • Strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Improving balance and core stability 

There are currently no AG Active Intro to Pilates classes available.

AG Active Intro to Sparring

AG Active Intro to Sparring will focus on:

  • Mastering punching and kicking techniques
  • Improving strength, endurance, and focus
  • Transforming your body, mind, and spirit 

There are currently no AG Active Intro to Sparring classes available.

AG Active Zumba Tone

AG Active Zumba Tone will focus on:

  • Dancing to Latin-inspired music
  • Performing easy-to-follow moves
  • Incorporating strength training into dance

There are currently no AG Active Zumba Tone classes available.