Our pools are closed for routine cleaning and maintenance, but don’t worry, you can still get a good workout to keep you in shape for swimming. Try these moves from our AGUA Masters coaches to stay in top condition when our pools return on September 6, 2022. 


Dryland Workout 

A break from the pool is a good time to mentally recharge and get your cross-training in. Try these dryland exercises from AGUA Masters Head Coach Jim Wu. 

2 rounds (30 seconds each) 

Jog in place 
Jumping jacks 
Arm circles 

3 rounds (Rest for one minute between intervals) 

30 Squats to overhead presses 
20 Plank shoulder taps 
20 Supermans 
10 Pushups 
20 Russian twists 
30 Crunches 
20 Leg lifts 
10 V-ups 


Swim Workout 

If you have access to a pool, try this workout from Coach Nicholas Burnham. These intervals are for short course yards, so they can be done in just about any pool with 25-yard lanes. Be sure to bring your board and hand paddles – you'll need them for this workout. 

Warm-up (Rest for 15 seconds after each interval, unless otherwise noted) 

200 Freestyle or backstroke  
200 kick with board (make this a social kick if you have practice buddies!) 
4 x 25 kick with 360 spin 
100 pull using board as buoy 
100 pull with no buoy 
100 Freestyle with very little kick 
200 Individual medley - 25 drill / 25 swim 
100 Descend freestyle (rest for ten seconds) 
100 Descend with a stroke of your choice (rest for 25 seconds) 
100 Paddle grab pull  
100 Distance per stroke 

(1,400 yards total) 
Main Set (4 rounds) 

3 x 100 at 1:30 – build each – 1st 25 of each 100 (freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke)  
100 at 2:00 – recovery  
3 x 50 at 1:00 – race pace 
100 at 2:00 – recovery  
(2,600/3,000 yards total) 

Cool Down 

300 pull at 4:30 
200 pull at 3:00 
100 pull at 1:30 

(3,600 yards total)