How do I know when I do not have class?

Class exception dates, or days when programs are not held, are listed on the calendar pages of

Does Asphalt Green offer trial classes?

While we do not offer the option of trying a class before enrolling, we invite parents to observe classes that they are interested in for their children. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our classes. Please contact the appropriate department for more information.

Can I sign up for a class once the term has started?

Yes, we are more than happy to welcome your child into a class if there is space. To sign up for a class after the registration period has closed, please contact the appropriate department directly. Be advised we do not offer a pro-rated tuition fee.

If I am on a waiting list, should I show up for class?

No. Being on a waiting list does not mean that you are registered for a class. If space becomes available, we will contact you to complete the registration process.

What if the class I want is already full?

You can enroll in the same class at a different time, put your name on the waiting list to be enrolled should a space become available, or enroll in private lessons to receive personalized instruction. 

I have been in a class for the past two semesters and now it is closed. Is there any way I can be enrolled in this class?

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In an effort to reward our returning class participants, we offer a priority registration period before the class is open to new customers. If a class is filled, you can place your name on a waiting list to be enrolled should a space become available.

At what age must my child use the gender-appropriate locker room?

Children age five years and older must use gender-appropriate locker rooms. Family locker rooms are available at both of our locations. Children ages 7 and younger require adult supervision at all times.

If I register online, how do I get my class card?

You can pick up your class card at the registration desk.

My child is too young or too old for a particular class, can they still attend?

All youth classes are broken down into age ranges that allow for appropriate social interaction and an optimum learning environment. Parents of children that may have developmental delays should contact the appropriate department directly to discuss the best options.

May I transfer between Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses?

Transferring between campuses is not permitted. If you prefer taking classes at a different location, you must remove yourself from your currently registered class and register accordingly at the other location. Our Registration Department will gladly assist you if needed.

Is there a fee to watch my child participate in programs?
There is no fee for parents and guardians to watch their child participate in our paid programs. However, during family recreation time in our pool, basketball court, or indoor turf, a $35 drop-in fee applies.

Do you ever close due to weather? 

If New York City public schools are closed due to inclement weather, program classes will be canceled. No makeup classes, credits, or refunds will be granted. Asphalt Green reserves the right to cancel program classes due to inclement weather during days public schools are not in session. A makeup or credit will be offered upon request should a class be canceled three (3) or more times in a single term due to weather conditions. 

Please call our Weather Hotline 212.369.8890 (Upper East Side) or 212.298.2980 (Battery Park City) prior to coming to Asphalt Green during inclement weather.


How do I register for classes?

There are three ways to register: online, in person, or by phone.

  1. To register online click “LOGIN” on the upper right hand corner. New users must create an account. If you already have an account, enter your email address and password to log in to your account. For technical assistance, please call (212) 3698890 x2088 or email
  2. To register in person, visit the registration desk.
  3. Registration by phone is available with a credit card only. Please call the registration office. There is a $5 handling fee for phone registrations.

Am I eligible for family or priority registration?

Family registration is for members and children included in a family membership. Priority registration is open to all Asphalt Green members. To qualify for reduced member rates during family and priority registration, all outstanding balances must be paid and membership must be active. If your balance is not paid, you will be able to register early but will be required to pay the non-member rate. We will be happy to assist you in completing the payment process. Please contact the registration department at your appropriate campus: Upper East Side - (212) 369-8890 x2080, Battery Park City - (212) 298-2900 x2916. If you would like to unfreeze your membership, please email the billing department at your home campus. Upper East Side –, Battery Park City –

Do I have to be a member of Asphalt Green to register for classes?

Anyone can register for classes at Asphalt Green. However, annual Asphalt Green members receive a preferred rate and priority registration for most classes.

What type of membership qualifies for a reduced rate on program classes?

Active Family I and Family II membership types receive preferred pricing on youth program classes. Preferred rates for adult program classes are available for all active annual Asphalt Green members. Please email the billing department to unfreeze your membership: Upper East Side –, Battery Park City –

Am I eligible for member benefits while my membership is on freeze?

Only members with an active account receive member benefits. Please email the billing department to unfreeze your membership: Upper East Side –, Battery Park City –

Can you make payments on classes?

Full payment is required at time of registration.

Do you accept checks?

Yes. Checks should be made payable to “Asphalt Green, Inc.” There is a $25 fee for returned checks. 

Do you offer a reduced rate for seniors?

No, however, members ages 62 and up have free access to AG Active, our program for older adults. In addition to your membership benefits, you get access to specialty group fitness classes, quarterly events featuring speakers who are leaders in the health field, twice-per-week fall prevention program Skills in Motion, and more.

How do I know which class to register for in the upcoming term?

Classes are generally sectioned by sport, age, ability, and goals. Please read the detailed class descriptions on our website to decide if a class is right for you. In some cases, prior approval is required before registering for a class. If you have any questions, please call the Registration Office.


My child is advanced. How do I get them enrolled in an advanced swim class?

If you have not previously attended classes at Asphalt Green, please reach out to our Aquatics Department so we can evaluate your child and place them in the appropriate class.

Can I transfer from one class to another or to private lessons?

Yes. Transfers must be completed within the first two weeks of the term. Please contact our Aquatics Department to make a transfer request. Private lessons will not begin until your transfer is complete.

When can I start private swim lessons?

Continuing private lesson students may start at the beginning of the term, while those new to private lessons will be scheduled two to three weeks into the term.


My child is advanced. How do I get them enrolled in an advanced sports class?

We ask that parents enroll their child in the age appropriate class without prerequisites first. During the early weeks of the semester, should our coach deem your child advanced, they will discuss appropriate options with you and the program manager. Our coaches are continually evaluating class participants and determining ways for improvement. If a promotion is recommended, this will be communicated to the parent as soon as possible.

Do you allow spectators in sports classes?

It depends on the location of the class. Typically, classes on the field and gymnasium are suitable for spectator viewing. For classes that allow spectators, please abide by any posted rules to ensure safety of all participants. If posted rules are not followed, Asphalt Green staff reserve the right to ask spectators to leave the area. During family recreation time in our pool, basketball court, or indoor turf, a $35 drop-in fee applies.