Asphalt Green offers a dynamic lineup of Pilates mat and Reformer classes. Pilates emphasizes controlled movements to improve strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance. Regular practice will build long, lean muscle, strengthen your core, improve flexibility and posture, and relax your mind.

Asphalt Green’s state-of-the-art Pilates studio is equipped with Peak Pilates® MVe® Reformers, floor-to-ceiling windows, and beautiful views of the East River.

Our highly trained instructors have experience working with people of all levels including professional athletes, seniors, children, prenatal and postnatal women, and individuals recovering from an injury.

Mat Pilates

Pilates mat classes focus on the flow and precision of controlled movements that target your core and build overall strength and...

Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer classes take place in our state-of-the-art studio featuring Peak Pilates® MVe® Reformers.

  • Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer Private Training

Take your Pilates workout to the next level by training privately with one of our expert instructors.

You’re Invited: ACL Injury Workshop Hosted by Hospital for Special Surgery at Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green is partnering with Hospital for Special Surgery to bring you a workshop focused on reducing risks of ACL injury.

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Get Fit Series: 3 Stress-Relieving Yoga Poses

Learn how to reduce stress through yoga. The practice lets you tune in, chill out, shape up, and breathe.

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Get Fit Series: 5 Core-Strengthening Exercises

Asphalt Green Triathlon Club Head Coach Mikael Hanson shares his secrets to a stronger core.

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