We offer teens-only fitness classes to help young people develop healthy habits. Our teen programs focus on providing knowledge and skills to safely exercise in our fitness center. The programs are designed to give participants the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities including strength training, cardio training, weight lifting and a variety of classes. The benefits of regular physical activity last a lifetime, and we will show teens that fitness is fun!

Teens who participate, have access to the following classes:

  • Monday: 4:30pm Intro to Lifting (teen-only), 5pm Total Body, 5:30pm Pilates Mat, 6pm Zumba, 6:30pm Spin
  • Tuesday: 5:30pm Pilates Mat, 6pm Boot Camp, 6:45pm Spin
  • Wednesday: 4:30pm Intro to Lifting (teen-only), 6pm The Barre, 6:30pm Spin
  • Thursday: 5:30pm Pilates Mat, 6pm Cardio Kickboxing, 6:30pm Spin
  • Friday: 6pm Boot Camp

For more information on teen fitness, please contact Ashley Lentz: 212.369.8890 x2249, alentz@asphaltgreen.org


Teen Get Moving

Teen Get Moving will focus on:

  • Exercising safely
  • Improving strength
  • Building confidence