Hear what the parents of current participants have to say about Asphalt Green's martial arts program.

“At first, we were a little apprehensive in letting our 11-year-old daughter Annika participate in martial arts, but I’m so happy we did! As parents, we have seen this incredible balance of mental and physical training. Annika is infinitely more patient, has more self-control, and greater discipline – very useful skills for school and navigating relationships with siblings and parents. We have a lot of moments in our home that start with, ‘Mr. Chad says …’ She really listens and takes to heart the daily nuggets of inspiration, [which are a focal point of the Asphalt Green program].

Every moment is challenging for Annika! I think that’s why she likes it so much. There is always something to strive for, to work on. As a coed class, it’s fascinating to see the level of seriousness the girls bring to the sport; they’re focused, confident, fierce, and leaders.

Martial arts has also been a valuable complement to her other sports, specifically, soccer. She was once a very emotional player on the field, and that isn’t the case any longer. She is a better athlete, and we credit her success to martial arts.”

-Becky Spaet, Parent


“Our 9-year-old son Mario loves martial arts. Training gives him a sense a purpose and makes him feel special. The sport instills the importance of listening and taking direction. Because of martial arts Mario has learned to accept not everything goes well the first time you try it. He has become more patient, especially when learning new material. It has been great to see Mario grow in confidence and competence. The biggest value to us, as parents, is the improved discipline. Slowly, Mr. Chad’s teachings are becoming an echo in other areas of life.”

-Chris Cuomo, Parent


“Our sons Zacharay, 11, and Spencer, 13, tried several sports before focusing on martial arts. They preferred activities with more personal attention and immediate feedback. Spencer and Zachary always believed in themselves, but their success in martial arts showed them that if they worked hard, they could actually achieve great things. They learned that daily efforts lead to the next-level belt, and you can overcome any challenge by putting in the work. The instructor makes it fun, and they are building discipline, character, confidence, and self-esteem through play.”

-Curt Dill, Parent