Basketball season may have wrapped up in the spring, but you can still work on improving your game in the summer. In fact, the offseason is the perfect time to bring your skills to the next level. With a little dedication, you will return to the court a new player in the fall.


Perfect your shot—and repeat. With an empty hoop and a basketball, you can work on shooting for hours. The best shooters in the world became the best because they put in the repetitions to perfect their shot. Work on your triple-threat technique—keep your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, and shoulders square to the hoop. From the three-point line, aim for an arc trajectory of 49 to 52 degrees. The closer you are to the hoop, the higher arc trajectory necessary.


Build mental toughness. In sports, attitude is everything. You will have off days where it seems like the ball won't go through the hoop. Work through those defeats and learn something from them. Is your form off? Are you feeling tired? These are the days that make you a better player. Believe that you will bounce back.


Improve agility. Footwork is essential to your basketball game. On offense, you can use your feet to throw off a defender; on defense to draw an attacker away from his or her shot. The ability to pivot and move laterally quickly and efficiently separates the good from the great. Set up cones or an agility ladder and practice pivoting, moving forward and backward, and changing direction.  


Get out and play. There is no substitute for playing a competitive game. If you can attend a camp, like one at Asphalt Green, or grab a group of friends for a scrimmage once a week, you will be able to put the skills you have been working on to test. By fall, you'll be ready to slam dunk into the new season.


Asphalt Green will be offering a one-week basketball camp August 19-23. The camp is run by our USA-certified coaches and will focus on intensive skill instruction. Register today.