Finding the perfect part-time job while juggling school and a social life is no easy feat. A lifeguard may be the perfect match. You’re given a ton of responsibility (great for your resume), but it’s also a ton of fun! Here’s why you should get certified today:


  1. Business casual, what’s that? Your work wardrobe consists of swimsuits and shorts.
  2. You will follow in the footsteps of actors Vince Vaughn and Jake Gyllenhaal and rock star Gene Simmons. All three were lifeguards before they became famous.
  3. Spend your designated breaks from work in the pool. Most people browse the Web during their work breaks, but you get to cool off in the pool on hot summer days. Working during winter? Jump in, and imagine being in tropical paradise.
  4. You learn serious skills. How many of your friends know CPR, AED, and other life-saving skills?
  5. Did you know? The first lifeguard was called Constable of the Surf.
  6. Your job could be way worse. You could be dressed as a chicken or a pizza handing out flyers for local restaurants.
  7. It’s rewarding. It’s your job to watch kids and adults experience the joy of swimming, and you keep them safe while doing so!


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