The AGUA Masters team traded the pool for beaches during a training trip to Bermuda from October 11 to 15. The idea for the trip was planted last winter. One athlete suggested training for an open water swim held on the island, Round the Sound. There was interest from many Masters members, and 26 people were on board for the challenge.   


Athletes competed in a 2-kilometer, 4-kilometer, or 10-kilometer open water race. The conditions were perfect—calm waters and temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s throughout the race. Over 250 athletes from around the world competed. All of the Masters swimmers finished and completed the course with huge smiles when they came out of the water. Many athletes finished in the top 10 in their division:


10-kilometer results:

  • Jackie Fasano: First place overall in the women's division and fifth place overall in the men's and women's division
  • Bob Tarr: Third place overall in the men's division, first place in his age group, and third overall in the men's and women's division
  • Stavros Mountantonakis: Fifth place overall in the men's division
  • Leanne Svoboda: Sixth place overall in the women's division
  • Erin Morrison: Seventh place overall in the women's division
  • Ross Paterson: Eighth place overall in the men's division


4-kilometer results:

  • Michael Britvan: Fifth place overall in the men's division
  • Jordan Mattheisen: Seventh place overall in the women's division
  • Colleen Stranzel: Eighth place overall in the women's division

Click here to view complete race results.

There was also time for fun and celebration during the trip. The team bonded, hit the beach, explored Bermuda, enjoyed cocktails, and watched the chickens and roosters wander the hotel resort. The AGUA Masters should all be very proud. Many completed their first open water swim competition or increased their distances. It was a successful trip!