Batter up! Asphalt Green Baseball Team competitive tryouts are right around the corner. We’re looking for future MLB All-Stars! Our coaches are dedicated to providing players with the physical and mental skills to develop into a leader. Find out what our top-notch coaches expect to see at tryouts and what makes a player stand out!


Nicolas Blanco

Teams: 8U and 10U head coach

Expectations: Basic understanding of baseball fundamentals and knowledge of game rules.

What makes a player stand out: Focus, concentration, and passion for the game! A player who asks as many questions as possible.

Tryout tip: 100 percent effort while running bases, throwing, and hitting. There is nothing better than when a player shows he has a high desire to succeed.


Andrew Cresci

Teams: 9U head coach and 10U assistant coach

Expectations: Enjoy the game and show us what you've got!

What makes a player stand out: Attitude and effort. The desire to learn and play the game will always stand out regardless of ability on the field. As a coach, the best players are the ones that love to play the game and want to get better every day. 

Tryout tip: Mistakes won’t make or break you. At such a young age, players are still growing and developing, so mistakes are going to happen. The more pressure and frustration a player experiences, the more it will have a negative impact on his performance. Focus on the positives as opposed to concentrating on mistakes.


Matt Mullin

Teams: 8U and 9U assistant coach

Expectations: Throw with decent accuracy and have a swing that is somewhat under control.

What makes a player stand out: Showing the will to learn from mistakes and quickly adjust. Baseball is about constantly adjusting.

Tryout tip: In the field, play the ball; don't let the ball play you. For example, when the ball is hit softly on the ground, charge it aggressively; don't wait for it to roll into your glove.


Ben Cohon

Teams: Oversees program

Expectations: Desire to take their game to the next level!

What makes a player stand out: Showing strong leadership characteristics and supporting other players when they make a mistake.

Tryout tip: Always move forward! Whether fielding, hitting, or throwing, players sometimes forget to carry their momentum toward their target, which takes away a lot of their power.


We hope to see you on the field! Tryouts begin June 2. See the full schedule.