It’s common knowledge that working out with others provides accountability and improves motivation. But it’s an often-overlooked fact that the sheer variety of group exercise options can add spice to an exercise regimen that’s going stale. Whether you’re an old pro or a group exercise greenhorn, mix up your workout with exciting new classes.  

You don't have to be a member to sign up, and each class is low-cost, simple, fun, and active. Hop in, members and non-members alike! 

Aqua Zumba 

Almost everyone knows about Zumba, but did you know you can take your Zumba workout to the pool? The standard moves and music still apply, but exercising in the pool makes for low-impact, joint friendly, and fun physical activity. Work out large muscle groups, improve flexibility, relieve joint pain, or just bust stress while you bust moves in the water. 

HIIT Camp 

If you’ve spent any time around a gym, you’ve probably heard about High Intensity Interval Training, called HIIT. It’s exactly what it sounds like: high intensity, maximum effort exercise in short intervals separated by rest periods. Maybe your current workout plan isn’t pushing you to your limit. If you’re ready to take your fitness regimen to the next level, HIIT is right for you. 

Bollywood Dance  

An exciting mix of action, romance, and comedy, the typical Bollywood movie features song and dance numbers heavily influenced by classical Indian dance styles. The origins of the most popular style, Bharatanatyam, can be traced back almost two thousand years. Become a part of that tradition and learn graceful and expressive movements. 


You don’t have to aspire to be the next Floyd Mayweather to benefit from a good boxing class.  Mix up your workout with practical, confidence-building exercise. Strap on a pair of boxing gloves and work on your punch speed and upper body strength with a heavy bag. Don’t have gloves? Shadow boxing classes are a classic way to improve your form and footwork while getting in a great workout. 

Nia Dance 

How to describe Nia? It’s part yoga, part modern dance, part nonviolent martial arts, Nia is a unique group exercise that focuses the mind and works the body. You’ll learn different combinations of 52 gentle, flowing movements set to music to get in a great aerobic exercise combined with mild strength training. Nia uses intentional movement to focus your mind and work out your body, leaving you mentally and physically refreshed after every session.  

Try something new! You can find an exciting new group exercise class for yourself or sign up with friends whether you want to work out downtown or uptown.