Last month, we celebrated the conclusion of our Community Flag Football League season! East Side Middle School was crowned champions after an impressive performance over I.S. 528 Bea Fuller Rodgers School. 

This season featured teams from nine schools throughout New York City, bringing together students with a shared passion for the game. Throughout the season, our coaches worked directly with participating athletes to develop skills and learn the values of sportsmanship and hard work. Athletes also got to show their amazing talents and school pride in organized gameson Litwin Field at our Upper East Side campus.  
A big thank you to our coaches, athletes, school reps, and community programs team for being a part of an unforgettable season.  

“As someone who’s been working this program for five years I’ve seen this program bring out the competitive spirit and the sportsman in these young athletes. I’ve spoken to these young players and they tell me how special it makes them feel when their coaches choose them to be an all star or player of the game. Our program also teaches the value of education and accountability by making sure they arrive to the field on time and that they are doing well in their classes." - Ronnie Reed, Program Supervisor 

Pro-Bowl with One Stitch Foundation


Before our championship game, we hosted our Flag Football League’s Pro-Bowl in partnership with the One Stitch Foundation, whose mission is to connect footwear to athletes most in need so they can focus on their dreams. 

Like Asphalt Green, One Stitch envisions a world where New York City’s young athletes can enjoy equal access to high-quality sports experiences. At our Pro-Bowl, we put our shared beliefs into action. 

The Pro-Bowl featured one or two all-star athletes from each team that participated in our Community Flag Football League. At the event, the One Stitch Foundation provided 19 athletes with free cleats to show their talents at the Pro-Bowl and for years to come.  

"I would like to thank everyone at Asphalt Green for an amazing season.  Everything was very organized and efficient in getting the kids on and off the field.  I have been working with Asphalt Green for over 10 years and I have always looked forward to the new season. Asphalt Green has given my students from Washington Heights an opportunity to play something different  from baseball, which is commonly emphasized. I wouldn't trade this league for the world.  Asphalt Green is the best!" - Coach David Matta P.S. 528


Continuing Our Legacy: Bringing NYC Together Through Community Sports Leagues

Our Community Sports Leagues are offered in partnership with schools in low-income neighborhoods that have limited access to organized sports.

We administer our leagues at low cost and provide young athletes with free uniforms, professional referees, equipment, and instructional clinics that mirror our recreational and competitive teams.  

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Expanding access to competitive sports programs is an essential part of our mission to transform lives. Studies show that participation in youth-sports can set kids up for success, on and off the field:  

  • Athletes are more likely than non-athletes to attend college, earn degrees, and hold executive positions in their careers. 

  • 94% of women executives are former athletes (EY Research). 

  • Adolescents who play sports are eight times more likely to still be active by age 24 (Aspen Institute). 

Your Support Makes This Possible

We rely on the support of the Asphalt Green community to host our Community Flag Football league. In addition to our Community Sports Leagues, we also provide scholarships, special events, swim instruction, older adult fitness classes, and more. 

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of sports, fitness, and play for all. Thanks to you, we’re making this a reality in NYC.