Kids love Body Bingo, an active spin on a classic game. It's a winner from our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) team. 


Body Bingo 

Who: Grades K-8

Players: 8-12

Time: 15 minutes+

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway, library, playground

Equipment: Cones or tape 

How to Play

  • Instruct players to find their own space in the room, 6 feet apart from one another. You can use cones or tape to help designate appropriate spaces. 
  • Hand out copies of body bingo boards and movement sheets, one per student. 
  • The goal is to try to get body bingo, which is done by solving the math problems and doing the corresponding movements in each square on the board. A completed horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line gets you body bingo! 
  • To complete one square, first, solve the math problem. Next, do the exercise indicated in the square. The answer to the math problem is the number of repetitions the player must complete. 

Check for Understanding

  • How do you get body bingo?

Game Tip

  • Review your body bingo boards and movement sheets before playing to ensure an appropriate level of challenge for your players. You can also create your own boards and movements to increase or decrease challenge and extend the fun! 

Conflict Resolution Tip

  • Assign bingo buddies, two students who are able to see one another, to keep everyone accountable. Bingo buddies can give each other a wi-fi (wireless high five or air five) every time one completes a square! 


Easy: Players only need to complete four corners or one line, either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Medium: Players must complete the whole card.

Hard: Revise math problems so the solutions are higher numbers.

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