Get your kids active with our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game, Capture the Flag! This game requires strategy and gets your heart pumping.



Capture the Flag

Who: Grades 3-5 

Players: 20+ 

Time: 20 minutes+ 

Where: Gymnasium

Equipment: 2 gator balls or 2 cones


How to Play 

  • Line up! We are going to make 2 teams.
  • You must try to capture the other team's “flag” and bring it back to your side. Each team will have one “flag” and one jail.
  • You are only allowed to tag other players if they enter your half. If you are tagged you must go to jail.
  • Once you are in jail, you must stay until your teammate gives you a high-five and sets you free. Both players must walk back to their sides and try again.
  • Players cannot pass the “flag” between teammates. If you drop the “flag”, you must return the “flag” back and try again.

Check for Understanding 

  • What do you do when you are tagged?
  • How do you get out of jail?

Game Tip 

  • No guarding the ball or jail.

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Have students play Rock-Paper-Scissors to solve any argument.



Easy: No jail.

Medium: Use "jail breaks".

Hard: Have students hop only

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