Get your kids active with our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game, Critter Dash! This tag game requires strategy and gets your heart pumping.




Critter Dash

Who: Grades K-5 

Players: 15+ 

Time: 15 minutes+ 

Where: Large playground

Equipment: Cones


How to Play 

  • Line up! You are the “critters” and I am the “fox.”
  • When the “fox” says “Go,” the “critters” must pick up one cone and bring it back to your side without getting tagged by the “fox.”
  • If tagged, the “critters” must drop the “food” and become a “tree." “Trees” can tag “critters,” but they cannot move their feet.
  • Play until all cones have been taken or until all “critters” have been tagged.

Check for Understanding 

  • How do you become a tree?
  • How many cones can you grab?

Game Tip 

  • Demonstrate to students

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • High-five a player that makes it back.



Easy: Grab more than one cone.

Medium: Have two or three foxes.

Hard: Use flags/pinnies as tails, grab tails instead of tagging.


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