This game is a brain buster! Kids exercise their minds and their bodies in this Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game, Line Math.


Line Math

Who: Grades K-8   

Players: 10+   

Time: 10 minutes+   

Where: Gymnasium, playground   

Equipment: Cones 

How to Play  

  • Players line up standing 6 feet away from each other. The leader will split players up into teams of three. 
  • The leader will set up five cones at different distances along one side of the gymnasium or playground.  
  • When the leader calls out a math problem (2+1=?), the first player in each line will run the distance to the answer. In this case, three cones. 
  • Once the first players run back, the next player in each line will run when the leader calls out another math problem (8-6=?). In this case, two cones.   
  • Continue the relay until each player gets a chance to run, then start the next round. 

Check for Understanding  

  • What is 10-5? 
  • What is 2x2? 

Game Tip  

  • Demonstrate a round before beginning the game. 

Conflict Resolution Tip  

  • Have players cheer each other on. 


Easy: Hop, kkip, or gallop. 

Medium: Use multiplication. 

Hard: Use division.

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