While anxiously waiting for spring to arrive, keep kids active indoors with Asphalt Green's Recess Enhancement (REP) Program's game of the month, Four Corners. 

Four Corners

Who: Grades K-5

Players: 20+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Indoor gymnasium 

Equipment: Four cones to create boundary 


How to Play

  • Line up! Instruct students to pick a corner to start from. One person will stand in the middle and be the caller. 
  • Students must move to another corner before the caller counts down from 10 with their eyes closed. 
  • Keeping his or her eyes closed, the caller will choose a corner. The players in that corner will do five jumping jacks. 
  • If a player did not make it to a corner before the countdown ended, he or she will do jumping jacks too. 
  • If the caller picks an empty corner, he or she will do jumping jacks. 


Conflict-Resolution Tip

Use Rock-Paper-Scissors to solve disagreements.


Play: REP It Out

EASY: Players must walk. 

MEDIUM: Players must hop on two feet. 

HARD: Players must hop on one foot. 


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