Spring is finally in the air, and children are ready to release their energy outside. Tag is always a crowd pleaser, so our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) created a version that puts a modern twist on the classic game. Our game of the month, Hula Hoop Tag, incorporates running, jumping, and dodging and is great for all ages.


Hula Hoop Tag

Who: Grades kindergarten to 5

Players: 20+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Large indoor or outdoor space


How to Play

  • Spread out. Give two players a hula hoop. They are the taggers. 
  • Taggers lay the hula hoop on the ground and kick it to tag the feet of other players. 
  • If you are tagged or step on the hula hoop, you must to five jumping jacks before re-entering the game. 
  • Pause and restart the game with new taggers often. 



  • Instruct students to high-five each other after being tagged. 


EASY: Use only one to two taggers in a larger space.  

MEDIUM: Increase boundary size. 

HARD: Use multiple taggers and eliminate players as the game continues. 


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