It can be tempting to relax and put on a movie when kids are prevented from playing outside. However, it is important for children to remain engaged in physical activity. One of our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) favorite indoor games is Popcorn. The game incorporates teamwork, coordination, and fun competition and requires minimum equipment. Players will be having fun as they practice their coordination in a fun, competitive way.



Who: Grades K to 5

Players: 1+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Any indoor space

Equipment: One soft ball or item (stuffed animal, hat) 


How to Play: 

  • Instruct players to form a circle. The facilitator of the game will always begin with the ball. 
  • The facilitator throws the ball in the air, claps once, and then catches the ball.
  • The ball is then passed around the circle, with each player having a chance to throw the ball in the air and clap once before catching the ball. Everyone should only get one turn per round. If the ball is dropped, everyone will do jumping jacks.
  • Once everyone had a turn, whoever successfully caught the ball after one clap can try two claps in the next round. Everyone else will try one clap again.
  • The player who gets the most claps before catching the ball at the end of the game is the winner.

Game Tip

  • Only one player? Playing by yourself can be just as fun. See how many claps you can get in before catching the ball. Once you’ve set a personal record, compete against yourself and try and beat it!  


Conflict-Resolution Tip: 

  • Instruct students to high-five each other after catching the ball. 



EASY: Instruct players to catch the ball without clapping. 

MEDIUM: Time the players to see how quickly they can get the ball  around the circle. 

HARD: Form two circles and have players race against each other.