Don’t let staying inside stop you from getting active. Our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game Riverbank can be played in any small space—outside or inside.



Who: Grades K to 5

Players: 2+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Any indoor space 


How to play: 

  • Instruct students to put their toes on the line and face the facilitator (you). 
  • The facilitor will call out "river," "bank," or "riverbank." 
  • Players hop forward when they hear "river" and backward when they hear "bank." 
  • When the facilitor calls out, "riverbank," players hop sideways with one foot in the river and one foot in the bank. 
  • If a player makes a mistake, he or she will do five jumping jacks or a silly dance before rejoining the game. 



Have a little space to move? Change “river” and “bank” to two designated walls in the room to get players moving. When you say, “riverbank,” players can rush to a designated spot in the middle of the two.  

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Be the line leader and have students follow you to avoid fights.



EASY: Step forward and backward in response to commands.

MEDIUM: Run in place while waiting for the command. 

HARD: Hop on one foot when commands are given.