Bring a playground game inside! Kids go crazy for Steal the Bacon, one of the most popular indoor games from our Recess Enhancement Program (REP).  


Steal the Bacon

Who: Grades K to 5

Players: 10 to 20

Time: 25 minutes+

Where:  Indoor gym



Students form two lines. You will need two cones.

How to Play:

  • Line up, and form two teams. Each team lines up on the sidelines.
  • Facilitator gives players on both teams a number. Tell the kids to remember their assignment.
  • When the facilitator calls your number, run towards the bacon (a cone) grab it, and try to bring it to your side without getting tagged.
  • If you don’t have the bacon, try to tag the other person before they get to their side.
  • Each team will get points for successfully bringing the “Bacon” to their side or tagging the person before they get across to their side.  



Tell students the score will be rolled over to the next day so there are no winners or losers.



Space teams farther apart to create more distance. 



EASY: Call one number at a time.

MEDIUM: Call two or more numbers at a time.

HARD: Students must pass to the sideline before scoring.


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