Get your kids active with our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game, Removing Coconuts! This relay race game requires strategy and gets your heart pumping.



Removing Coconuts

Who: Grades 3-5 

Players: 20+ 

Time: 20 minutes+ 

Where: Gymnasium

Equipment: 10+ cones


How to Play 

  • Line up! We are going to make 4 teams. Each team will have one circle and pick one person to be in their team's circle.
  • There will be one ‘tree’ in the middle containing 10 ‘coconuts’ (cones).
  • One player at a time will grab one coconut at a time from the tree and give it to your teammate in the circle. First team to get 4 coconuts in their circle wins!
  • Players may also choose to go to other teams’ circle instead of going to the tree.
  • Players may not guard their coconuts.

Check for Understanding 

  • How many coconuts can you grab at once?
  • How many people can go after coconuts from each team?

Game Tip 

  • Have players tag each other with two fingers to send someone back to their team.

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Have students play Rock-Paper-Scissors to solve any argument.



Easy: Have students walk.

Medium: Have students hop on two feet.

Hard: Have students hop only.


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