We partnered with the Knicks to run a girls basketball clinic at our Battery Park City location on Saturday, June 17. The event was a huge success with 32 girls participating. It was a great opportunity for young girls to learn from experienced coaches and players while having fun on the court.  

The Jr. Knicks clinicians provided exclusive instruction and helped participants improve their skills through drills and competition. The girls also had the chance to meet special guests and received Knicks swag as a souvenir. 

This was our fourth event with the Jr. Knicks in the past year and our first all-girls event. We’re proud to have hosted our first all-girls event and are thrilled with its success. We believe that sports are a great tool for empowering young girls and helping them develop important life skills like teamwork, leadership, and perseverance. 

We hope that this event and others like it will inspire young girls to get involved in sports and pursue their dreams. We’re looking forward to partnering with the Jr. Knicks in the future to provide more opportunities like this for young girls who love basketball!