Asphalt Green’s youth swim programs were developed to help children master the five developmental components of swimming: comfort, coordination, technique, endurance and speed. Our swim classes begin as early as 4 months old and focus on comfort in the water. As children progress in skill and age, our classes introduce more technical skills to help children become efficient swimmers. For talented swimmers we have swim leagues and our competitive swim team. In addition, we offer one-on-one private lessons for children. Browse our youth swim programs below.

0-4 Swim

Swim classes for infants and toddlers introduce young swimmers to the joy of the water and the excitement of swimming!

  • Water Babies
  • Advanced Water Babies
  • Water Tots
  • Advanced Water Tots
  • Water Sprites
  • Super Sprites
  • Preschool Beginner 1
  • Preschool Beginner 2

5-8 Swim

Youth swim classes help each child develop stroke technique, stamina and endurance in the water.

  • Intro to Swimming
  • Beginner 1
  • Beginner 2
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Precompetitive
  • Starts and Turns

9-14 Swim

Swim classes will help children build a strong foundation of technical skills.

  • Beginner 1
  • Beginner 2
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Precompetitive

Swim League

Swim league provides a team-like training atmosphere for swimmers at the highest level of our swim curriculum.

  • Swim League 6-9 Years
  • Swim League 10-11 Years
  • Swim League 12-15 Years

Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics Swim Team

The Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (AGUA) Swim Team is Manhattan’s premier competitive swimming team and one of the top teams in the...

Youth Private Swim Lessons

Complete this form to request youth private swim lessons for the fall term beginning September 8, 2018.  SIGN UP HERE (You will...

Swim Classes for Kids With Special Needs

To foster an appreciation of the water and swimming, we offer a range of swim classes designed exclusively for children with special needs.

  • Beginning Swim for Children with Special Needs
  • Swimming on the Spectrum

Swim Clinics

The Asphalt Green Swim School offers various swim clinics throughout the year to help swimmers become faster, more efficient swimmers.

  • Starts and Turns Swim Clinic
  • Breaststroke Swim Clinic