Skills in motion is a fun and social exercise program designed to improve functional balance in older adults. Roughly one-third of all adults ages 65 or older will experience a fall at some point in their lives.  The 16-week curriculum improves strength and coordination through a variety of exercises, recess-inspired games, and activities. Participants improve agility, active and static balance, proprioception, hand-eye coordination, quick-twitch muscle response, and core strength. 

Asphalt Green runs the program at our Upper East Side campus and senior centers throughout New York City. We foster a sense of community while teaching life-saving skills. 

Your body is designed to move; this program will give you even greater confidence to do so, no matter your age.

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  • "This program has been life-changing. I have balance problems caused by a form of MS. Skills in Motion is helping me to learn how to respond to these ongoing challenges." –Nancy
  • "I turned 95 last April with a balance problem. Since I've started the class, I am finding an ongoing improvement from one class to the next. I'm not ready to do hip-hop yet, but so far, I'm getting around with more confidence, without the help of a cane or walker." –Fran 
  • "So far, Skills in Motion has taught me to be more aware, which in turn, has given me more confidence." –Lesley 
  • "[Our instructors] are all so caring, enthusiastic, and encouraging with a calm and steady manner." –Nancy