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The new field is set to debut February 2019. Make a contribution today.

Asphalt Green is upgrading its outdoor turf field. Your new home field will be the same as the pros'. The transformation includes installation of state-of-the-art, FIFA-certified turf, a new scoreboard, upgraded bleachers, and stadium-equivalent branding.

Asphalt Green’s new turf will be the same turf used by world-class arenas, including the US Soccer National Training Center and the New England Patriots. The field features IRONTURF technology, which provides unmatched playability, durability, and safety.

  • Playability: IRONTURF plays most like natural grass because turf stands straight, eliminating directional lay. Players can easily run and cut during plays, rather than fighting against the turf. Additionally, diamond fibers allow for consistent ball roll, and ridging reduces sun glare. The new infill material will stay significantly cooler than rubber infills. 
  • Safety: IRONTURF’s diamond design allows infill to move freely within the turf. This decreases compaction and provides more consistent GMAX. Players also experience less rotational resistance and lower leg stress. The new infill material contains no reprocessed materials, no toxins, and has the highest score on safety for environment and health. 
  • Durability: Interlocked woven fibers won’t pull out during rough play or heavy usage. IRONTURF reduces splash and maintains playability, even after more than 300,000 cycles of testing.
  • Appearance:Variated fibers create a natural grass appearance, and the unique stitching process allows for cleaner graphics and bolder coloring. 

Questions? Contact Pedro Raicovich at

Asphalt Green is raising $1.5 million to complete the 360-degree overhaul of the outdoor turf field, which will bolster all of Asphalt Green’s programs. Support the Golden Goal campaign today. Naming opportunities available.


At Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side campus, the outdoor field is available for public use during designated times. Please see the schedule below for open field times. 

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice. Asphalt Green reserves the right to close the space due to inclement weather or unsafe conditions. Permits for the field are required for special events, games and team practices when more than 20 people will be present. For permits and rentals, please call 212.369.8890 x2321.

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