Everything is better with friends, including working out. Even celebrity BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been spotted hitting the gym together. If you need another reason to drop what you’re doing and call your own BFF, stat, research backs the practice up. Studies show it’s better to work out with a friend than sweating solo. Here’s why:


You’ll stick with it. Your feet are dragging at the end of the day when you get a text from your bestie that says, “Gym?” You can’t leave your pal hanging, so you ditch Netflix – new episodes of Stranger Things can wait – put on your workout gear, and hit the fitness center. Just like that, you added a workout to your agenda. One study found those who exercise with a buddy are more likely to stick with a regular routine than those who work out alone. Maybe you will be the one initiating the sweat session next time?     


It’s more fun. Research shows people enjoy physical activity more when they are with others. Plus, having someone to high five after you complete three sets of pushups gives you a boost.


So. Many. Partner. Exercises. When you are with a companion, you can get really creative during your workouts. Think planks with partner hand claps, sit-ups passing a medicine ball, and Russian twists with a ball pass. Friends are all the fitspiration you need. You’ll be inventing new moves in no time.     


You’ll push yourself harder. Those long breaks at the water fountain or scrolling through your Instagram feed are harder to come by when you’re with a buddy. One study found you can increase your workout intensity by as much as 200 percent when you exercise with someone you perceive as better than you. Fitness is part mental and physical, and a little bit of friendly competition may be the extra oomph you need to push past your threshold. 


It’s Instagram worthy. If you don’t document your workout, did it really happen? Working out with your BFF is serious friendship goals. After you share it with the world, don’t be surprised if others want in. Your next session may feature a fit squad.


What are you waiting for? Text your fittest friend and start working out at Asphalt Green today.