Here’s how it works:  

  • Choose one exercise from each of the first four categories (upper body push, upper body pull, lower body, and core). This will create your circuit. 
  • Perform each exercise in for 45 seconds, getting as many repetitions in as possible. 
  • Rest at least 15 secs before moving to the next exercise. 
  • Repeat the circuit four times.  

The Finisher  

  • After you complete the circuit, choose one exercise from “the finisher” category. 
  • Do this exercise Tabata style: eight rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  
  • Really push yourself in this last round. You should be going all out during the 20 seconds of work.    


Upper Body Push

Tricep pushups  

Dumbbell neutral grip, push press  

Standing banded overhead press  

Kettlebell Turkish get-ups


Upper Body Pull

Single arm renegade rows 

Alternating kettlebell rows

Banded standing bicep curls  


Lower Body 

Split squats




Bicycle crunches

Side plank with twist

Dead bug 

Hollow rocks



Mountain climbers  


Squat to press