Kids make great workout partners. Exercising with your child is a great way to set an example about the importance of physical activity. While you're spreading your passion for fitness, you’ll also get to spend quality time with your kids. We’re even willing to bet that working out with your child at home is more fun than focusing on reps at the gym.  


Squats: Use a timer to make squats exciting. Who can do more squats in 30 seconds? Square off against your child. Don’t forget about form. Start with feet should-width apart, put your weight in your heels, and sit back like you would in a chair.  


Skipping/hopping: Skip or hop in place for 30 seconds. See how high you can skip and give each other an air-five at the top. 


Broad jumps: Standing long jump competitions are always a hit with the kids. Make sure you do this on a no-skid surface. Place a marker down when you land. Do 10 and see if you can beat your marker with every jump.  


Hands hockey (planks): Both you and your child face each other in a full plank (pushup position). The space between your arms is the goal. Try to toss a soft object between your child’s arms as he or she does the same. Set the timer for one minute. See who can score more points.  


Push/pull the laundry basket. Fill up an empty laundry basket with household items. Work as a team to push the laundry basket around your home. Reverse the movement by pulling the laundry basket by placing it on a towel, which serves as a pulley. For an extra personal challenge that will surely give your child a laugh, you can push your little one in the basket.  


Star jumps: Everyone loves feeling like a star. Squat to touch the ground, then explode into the air, reaching your arms and legs out as soon as your feet leave the ground. Make sure to say, “I’m a star,” at the top. See how many you and your child can do in 30 seconds.  


Dance party: Missing Zumba? Put on some music, and move to the beat. Your heartrate will be up in no time. You can even turn the session into a game of freeze dance.  


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