Third level MELT Method® instructor Peter DePaola shares his secrets to relieving tension in tight muscles. Stay tuned for more tips from our top fitness staff in our Get Fit blog series.


Daily aches and pains should not be the norm but are unfortunately the reality for many. Stress, spending the day hunched over at a desk, an intense exercise regimen, and other factors can cause pain and stiffness that affect daily activities.


The fix is a massage, which studies show improves digestion, calms your nervous system, and helps you recover more quickly from exercise. But a professional massage may be reserved for special occasions.


There is good news: You can reap the benefits of a massage during your weekly exercise routine through MELT Method®, offered at Asphalt Green. MELT Method® uses special foam rollers to massage muscle tissue, eliminating chronic pain, improving performance, and decreasing accumulated stress caused by repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.


Follow these tips by MELT Method® certified instructor Peter DePaola to relieve low-back pain using MELT Method® techniques:


Step 1: Sit on soft roller at the bottom of your hips.


Step 2: Glide the Hips up and down the soft roller three or four times.


Step 3: Lean onto one side of outer hip, and glide up and down on a spot that feels stressed (this is a barrier) with tolerable pressure (not painful). Swirl around in a circle on the barrier and hold for a few seconds.


Step 4: Repeat on other side.  


Want to learn more MELT Method® moves? Register for our MELT Method® workshop on May 16. Instructor Peter DePaola will cover how to relieve tension in your shoulders, back, thighs, and calves.