Find out what you’re made of! All Asphalt Green members are invited to receive a free personal training session. The session will cover cardiovascular health, core strength, upper-and lower-body strength, and range of motion, complete with a detailed body composition report.


Why take advantrage of the free session? Knowing where you stand is the first step to getting where you want to go.


During the personal training session, you have the option to have your body composition measured with an InBody scale, the most advanced and precise analysis. The technology uses electrodes to send frequencies throughout your body to measure body mass index (BMI), lean muscle, fat, and water weight. The InBody report combined with a short fitness test will provide a platform for a personal trainer to develop an exercise plan tailored to your personal goals.


The assessment benefits all individuals. Whether you are currently sedentary or active, the results give you a well-rounded overview of your health and highlight your strengths as well as areas for improvement.


Your health is more than just a number. We are committed to helping you better your overall fitness.


Contact the fitness department to schedule your complimentary personal training session today!