Drop and give us 10! It’s no wonder why pushups are a staple in Art Koharian’s—one of Asphalt Green’s personal trainers—fitness routine. Pushups work almost every muscle in your body, strengthening your arms, core, and back in just one move.


Pushups are one of Art’s favorite exercises because they challenge people of all fitness levels. However, like all exercises, they are only effective when done with correct form. Art demonstrates how to master the perfect pushup in just three steps.



Align your body from head to toe, arms fully extended, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, head and neck gazing forward in neutral position. Actively engage your upper back, then tighten your core so your lower back is flat and in line with your upper back (make sure your hips don’t sag). Keep your feet close together, supporting your weight on your toes. 


Lower your body toward the ground, keeping your elbows close to your body (20 to 45 degrees away). The most common mistake is flaring your elbows out 90 degrees. Maintain your body alignment until your chest grazes the ground.


Once your chest grazes the ground, reverse the movement by applying force to the floor through your hands, extending your elbows until you return to starting position. Complete four sets of 12 to 15 reps (amount may vary based on your training plan).



Easier: If your form is compromised at any time, you can make the pushup easier by starting with your knees on the ground or by positioning your hands on an incline, like a bench.


Harder: Ready to take the move to the next level? Make the pushup more challenging by adding weight. Wrap a 15-to 20-pound resistance band around your back, supporting both ends of the band under your hands. The elastic band will provide more tension, making your pushup significantly harder.