We’ve curated a list of personal trainers and workouts you may like based on the classes you love.  

Class: HIIT Camp  

Workout style: You love to sweat! Heart-pounding, high-intensity bursts of work followed by short periods of rest are the makeup of your routine. You don’t let a second of your workout to go waste—maximizing your time is the name of your game.  

Perfect personal trainer match:  

You’ll love them because they both focus on functional, athletic training, similar to what you experience in HIIT Camp.  

Try it on your own:  

If you’re hitting the gym, bring elements of HIIT Camp to your solo workout routine. Incorporate weighted step-ups, reverse lunges, squats to presses, pushups, mountain climbers, planks, and burpees. Here’s a sample workout:  

  • Start with a 5-10 minute cardio warm-up with dynamic stretching.  
  • Complete the following exercises in order with 15 to 20 seconds of recovery between each. Do three rounds with a one-minute break between sets.  
    • 10 burpees  
    • Eight weighted step-ups (eight per leg)  
    • 10 squats to presses  
    • 10 walkouts to plank 
    • 10 mountain climbers  
    • 30-second plank hold