We’ve curated a list of personal trainers and workouts you may like based on the classes you love. 

Class: Zumba  

Workout style: You love to dance! A workout is a success if you leave with a smile on your face. But make no mistake—you're working up a sweat while having a great time.  

Perfect personal trainer match: 

You’ll love them because they both have dance backgrounds. They will create routines that bring the energy you love about Zumba to a one-on-one session.  

Try it on your own: 

If you’re hitting the fitness center solo, incorporate coordination, balance, and cardio exercises to give your workout a Zumba-like feel. Think side shuffles, sprints, single-leg balance reaches, and one-ins. You can also play with coordinating your moves to the tempo of your music. Try playing a song that you love and can safely keep the tempo with. It will make your workout fly by!  

Here’s another sample workout:  

Warm up: Pick a song with a slow to medium tempo. Repeat the following for the duration of the song:  

  • Step touch (eight counts) 
  • High knees (eight counts) 
  • Butt kicks (eight counts) 
  • Jumping jacks (eight counts) 
  • Knee to opposite elbow (eight counts) 

Circuit 1 (repeat twice):  

  • Plank with alternating arm reach, slow tempo (30 seconds)  
  • Single-leg balance reach (balance on one foot and move opposite leg to the front, side, and back), slow tempo (15 seconds each leg) 
  • Stability ball glute bridge (30 seconds) 
  • Lateral banded walk, medium tempo (30 seconds) 

Circuit 2 (repeat twice)  

  • TRX squat to row, medium tempo (30 seconds)  
  • V-ups, medium to fast tempo (30 seconds) 
  • TRX calf raise, medium to fast tempo (30 seconds) 
  • Burpees, medium to fast tempo (30 seconds)  


  • Stationary bike, three songs total (one song medium tempo, one song fast tempo, and one song medium tempo)