Mountains and Valleys is our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) favorite playground game to reduce bullying and promote teamwork. It's a simple game that encourages players to strategize and work together. The team that figures out teamwork is the key to success first will likely be the winner. Here's how to play: 


Mountains and Valleys 

Who: Grades K to 2 

Players: 10+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Gymnasium or outdoor basketball court 

Equipment: 15-20 cones spread out around the playing area 


How to Play

  • Form two teams. One will be the Mountains and one will be the Valleys. 
  • Set a timer for one minute. Team Mountain will try to flip all of the cones so they point toward the ceiling. Team Valley will attempt to flip all of the cones so they point toward the floor. 
  • The cones can be flipped multiple times, but you can only flip one cone at a time.
  • The teams will try to make as many mountains or valleys as possible in one minute. If there are more mountains than valleys, team Mountain wins the round. If there are more valleys, team Valley wins. 



Use rock-paper-scissors to break a tie.


EASY: Create teams with even numbers.  

MEDIUM: Make one team with more players than the other. 

HARD: Set the timer for 30 seconds. 


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